Our Philosophy

For the Love of Learning

We aim to inspire a love of learning within our centre and our community

At Pebbles Montessori we believe:

  • That children are our primary focus, that each child is unique and that every child will achieve success every day
  • In developing quality and respectful, reciprocal, relationships with tamariki, their whānau and our special Sumner community.
  • That our physical environment is important and should be attractive, interesting, stimulating and enjoyable.
  • In an “open door policy” where parents and whanau will be welcome at any time and mutual respect and communication will be encouraged at all times
  • Ongoing staff professional development and support is essential for teachers to grow both personally and professionally


At Pebbles Montessori we respect:

  •  All children’s values and beliefs, we celebrate their uniqueness and view their development holistically.
  • Our resources and our environment, both inside and outside as well as showing respect for each other
  • New Zealand has a unique bi-cultural heritage, which will be reflected in our learning environment
  • Families/whānau from all backgrounds and cultures will be welcomed and they will be encouraged to participate and contribute to their child’s learning journey.
  • At Pebbles Preschool we honour Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum as our guiding document and work towards meeting the aspirations of this curriculum