School visit to Thorrington primary

During our last visit to Thorrington Primary, Amy ( the new entrant teacher) invited our 4 yrs old children to visit her classroom. Therefore on Thursday morning we set off on our trip to Thorrington school with Kelly and our 4 yrs old children for a visit to Amy’s class for an observation.

We were welcomed by Amy on arrival at the gate and followed her to the new entrant classroom. It was their mat time, and we were welcomed by all the teachers and children. We had a warm welcome from Maddie (ex pebbles student) and she joined our children to support their visits.

We joined their morning session of mat time, and exploring all the activities offered to all the children. There were many activities such as reading books, threading, puzzles, number game, writing boards etc. our children were so excited to explore all these activities and were engaged for a long period of time.

At the end of our session we all gathered for a second mat time before morning tea. All our children bravely stood up and led the karakia before having Kai. We were super proud of them to be confident and stand in front of the whole classroom.

It was lovely opportunity for our children to join for morning Kai with the new entrant classroom children.

Maddie, Mallika and Lorelei having morning Kai!

Grace found new friends too!

We had an amazing time there and enjoyed our trip to Thorrington school. Hopefully we can visit another primary school  Beckenham school) next time. through this trip children had an opportunity to witness the setting of a primary school and their routine.  My self and Kelly enjoyed the trip along with our big tamariki!