The Tui room visit Essie Summers


As part of our current learning focus of “Community”, we planned a trip to visit the residents at Essie Summers Retirement Village.


We have been talking to the children about the importance of being active in the community and exploring ideas of how we can all be active participants.


We took the bus. When we got on we told the bus driver that we were travelling down to Essie Summers to do a performance and they kindly let the adults and children on the bus for free. More kindness in action!


The children performed the Matariki songs wearing their piupiu and traditional Māori costumes. The children greeted the residents with beautiful manners and kindness and sang beautifully.


After singing we presented a gift basket of fruit the children had contributed to along with some paintings and a beautiful card. This was to support the idea of giving.


We were lucky enough to be served morning tea too.


Essie Summers loved our visit so much they have invited us back.