Tumble-times with younger Tui’s

Today, we had a lovely trip to Tumbletimes at the Pioneer. A small group of 8 tamariki caught the bus to the Pioneer and enjoyed the sights and scenes of our local community on route.


Willem’s mum kindly arranged for us to pay a quick visit to the Sensory room which offers multi-sensory activities using innovative light and sound technology for people of all ages and abilities. It has interactive equipment that allowed the children to feel different textures, smell various different smells and see changing lightening effects.


We also got time to visit the playground on site at the Pioneer for a play on the swings, climbing equipment and slides before Tumbletimes started. Tumbletimes is a gymnastics sessions for preschoolers which offers a variety of equipment for the development of children’s gross motor skills. There was lots of beams, climbing equipment, trampolines, hula hoops, ride ons and soft fall mats to play on.


Below are some of the photos from our trip and the adventures we got up to. We caught the bus back to Pebbles, filed our tummies with yummy kai and had a well deserved sleep .


Te Whariki talks about children experiencing an environment where they gain confidence in and control of their bodies, something they practiced lots of today.